Dating is hard and awkward. Going further than a few jokes and the usual shallow topics is not an obvious exercise for everybody.
The question “What do you do for a living?” is shallow because it does not dive into the substance of things: “How do you FEEL about your job, your parents, your life…?”.
The core issue is that any valuable conversation topic will feel too much intimate to ask a stranger. And unrequired display of intimacy may feel a bit off.
Remove the awkwardness! let me ask the real questions for you. You just have to sit with your date, relax, swipe and and ask questions to discover each other.
The questions asked are from a study by Arthur Aron. This is super scientifically proven! You are going to have a great date!
This will not "make you" fall in love. Just help you truly discover each other. Waste less time wondering and more time enjoying.
Pro tip: Arrive on a date with a list of questions from a scientific study, you’re a weirdo. Go with a game on your phone, you’re OK.
Pro tip: a date is NOT a "I’m better than you" contest. Your date is more interested about the way handle your flaws and if you can accept his / hers than about your last trip to the Machu Pichu.

They loved us

Beyonce K., Icebreaker user.How do you think J pulled that one up...?

// Beyonce K.

Romeo M., Icebreaker user.Under that stupid balcony, with just two hours only Icebraker could help us getting to know each other that fast!

// Romeo M.

Brad P., Icebreaker user.If only we had that thing 12 years ago...

// Brad P.

Michelle O., Icebreaker user.Even the coolest man in the world stutter and seems unable to make a decent conversation on a first date.

// Michelle O.

He did not

Match.com CEO., Icebreaker user.Stop making single people couples! I have a business to run!

// Match.com CEO.